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The business model of Rime Coin and its future

Rime Coin has created a powerful business model in which the driver and passengers are incentivized while the Rimecar platform provides comfort and safety. The business model generates and incentivize profit by delivering data from the information collected (Big-data) and analyzed with AI to numerous stakeholders in the world market where since 2015 has been growing annually by 15%.

The Rime Coin platform will create a new ecosystem, powered by Blockchain and the Rimecar platform business model.

RimeCoin Platform

Rimecar Platform

Rime Coin’s strong business model for Big-data collection and AI analysis.

Big-Data & AI

Utilized to develop mechanism for profit sharing with Rime Coin users by generating a circular algorithm through AI analysis

Crypto Investors

Crypto currency investors trading through exchanges

Traditional Investors

Traditional investors, including stock and real estate futures trading

Car Enthusiasts

Automobile workers and car enthusiasts

Insurance Companies

Automobile insurance companies and related industry workers


Government agencies, including the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs

Transport and logistics companies

Transportation companies such as taxis, including transportation and logistics companies

Problem & Solution

Rime coin is a circular algorithm platform that redistributes profit to the data producers through comprehensive car related data processing


Currently, a comprehensive service that provides comfort and safety for car drivers does not exist while autonomous cars are actively being researched and developed. In addition, data produced during driving is used without permission and has no efficiency thus there is a need for a platform which adds value and redistributes profit to the data producers and providers.


Provide comfort and safety to car drivers and redistribute profit by acknowledging ownership to the collected data.

Generate profit by providing management of car history, safe driving, accident prevention and infotainment within the vehicle. Car drivers will gain benefit while profit from Big-data mining, creating new services and reduction of public infrastructure cost is made.

Our Solution

That All Change with RIME COIN

Rime Coin Platform’s strong strong business model, along with the Rimecar platform will bring about changes from a closed car data environment to an open data market as it prevents accidents and provides safe driving and convenient services.


Total supply

555,000,000 RIME

Pre mine (30%)

166,500,000 RIME

ICO Allocation (30%)

49,950,000 RIME

ICO Sales Price

1 RIME = 0.00015 BTC ( 29,950,000 RIME)

Min Sales Unit

0.1 BTC


Initial Token Distribution

  • Legal & Advisory: 10%
  • Platform Operation & Marketing: 25%
  • Technology Development & Maintenance: 25%
  • Invest in NASDAQ: 15%
  • Infrastructure: 25%

Sale Proceed Allocation

  • ICO: 30%
  • Development: 25%
  • Marketing: 25%
  • Management: 10%
  • Reserve: 10%

Rime Coin Road Map

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

RIME COIN Benefits

Provide comfort and safety to car drivers and redistribute profit by acknowledging ownership to the collected data.

Apart from the numerous services Rime Coin offers, and have been discussed above, Rime Coin still offers the following services.

  • Rime Coin is based on X11 blockchain
  • Our Usage of Smart Contract
  • Rime Coins : Its Native Coins
  • Privacy and Transparency
  • Decentralization
  • Integration through API
  • Saving Costs
  • Increasing Road Safety
  • Rime Data Marketplace
  • Collection of Data
  • Uses of The Car Data Collected
  • Rime Car Trading

Core Team

Youngkee (KEI) Kim
Jeong Hwa (Steven) Sohn
Device Engineer
yu hye gyeong
Account Manager
Simon Cho
Marketing Manager
Chul (Liam)Yun
Device Engineer

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